Token Distribution
Total HONEY Supply: 100,000

● 1% for Phase 1: Honeycomb (COS:ETH)
● 4% for Phase 2: Honeycomb + Honey Jar
● 90% for Phase 3: Honey Production
● 5% for Reserve, usage subjected to Honey Congress

Phase 1: Honeycomb (launch with COS:ETH pool at around 10/1, 12AM GMT+8)

Honeycomb (Honey’s liquidity mining) is the initialization step of farming “HONEY” ERC20 Tokens. Liquidity mining is a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings, or in simpler terms, it means locking up crypto and getting rewards.

Time period : Block height #10965050 ~ #11060050, about two weeks, starting at around 10/1, 12AM GMT+8

Supply: 1,000 HONEY to be farmed (1% of total supply)
(Linearly distributed)

How to farm?

  1. Add liquidity into COS-ETH Uniswap Pool
  2. Receive “COS-ETH Uni-V2 LP”
  3. Stake “COS-ETH Uni-V2 LP” at