Dear Honey Community,

Before Phase 1:Honeycomb is initiated later tonight, here are some updates for the honey community.

Smart Contract for Honey

The smart contract for Honey has been created and viewable via
As communicated previously, the total supply of Honey is 100,000, viewable via

In this contract, you can view 4 different contracts holding different amounts of Honey.

  • Phase 1: Honeycomb (1,000 Honey, initiating to start mining from tonight)
    • 0xd4fa82d2bd97d954e7c748dbf533b71a1991e66f – 950 Honey, to be mined by Honey community
    • 0x3eddc2283f1d9247f88a7b7ad77377ec1f52b4ec – 50 Honey, gradually released to the dev team across Phase 1.
  • Phase 2: Honeycomb + Honey Jar (4,000 Honey, Time lock for 2 weeks)
    • 0xf54b75f5d233f27aaeda4ace627a13b4541bc32b – 4,000 Honey
  • Phase 3: Honey Production (95,000 Honey, Time lock for 6 weeks)
    • 0xb3fa0421308a7257fec72ca39e00af83ad990211 – 95,000 Honey

As you can see, Honey allocated to be minted can only be accessed upon the maturity of the time lock for both Phase 2 and 3. This ensures the fairness of the yield for the respective Phases and no one will be able to access them until the time lock expires.


Security is important to us and we have reasonably tested that everything works on the testnet. The contracts will be available at as well.

Meanwhile, Honey contract for farming is unaudited, so please read through the contract before putting your LP tokens at stake! Everything is in BETA, please use at your own risk.

We will continue to do more testing and welcome open communications. If you think there’s any issue with any of our smart contracts, feel free to reach us via Discord.